Danny Krieger

Inducted in 1999

Danny Krieger is one of the Southwest's most respected guitarists and is much sought out by the nation's top bands for recording and touring. From a four year tour with British pop band "Christy" in th early 70's to recordings with Stephan Stills and Andy Gibb, to backing Big Joe Turner, Smoky Wilson and Eric Burdon, Danny is a consumate artist.

He returned to Tucson in 97 after four years in L.A. and Chicago, including tours with Debbie Davies, theatre orchestral productions and a film score for "The Crew". In L.A. he also formed the band "Mambo Gigalos" with John "Juke" Logan.

Krieger has been with Tucson bands: The Millionaires, George Howard and the Roadhouse Hounds, Sam Taylor, and for the past two years, has been a member of Tony & the Torpedoes.

In addition to vocals and guitar, including dynamic slide work, he appears on numerous CDs and has numerous specialty projects. He also is a popular contributor to school and community outreach programs in Chicago, L.A. and Arizona.

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