Henry "Mojo" Thompson

Inducted in 2000

Henry "Mojo" Thompson was born in San Antonio, Texas on January 29, 1938. He moved to Arizona in 1946. His first musical influence was Phoenix resident, and ABHOF member, Duke Draper.

In 1958, he started playing the drums. That same year, he recorded a record called "Lille Ann" and performed as Henry "Mojo" Thompson at his first performance in Phoenix at the Masonic Temple Hall at 9th St. and Jefferson.

Shortly after that, he began playing with the legendary Phoenix vocal group, The Tads. He and fellow Tads bandmate, guitar player, Leroy Fulilove, left to perform as a duet after that. In 1964, he moved to Los Angeles and began playing Bass guitar, which became his main instrument. While in L.A., he performed with many bands including the famous Seven Souls. He performed with them for many years. He became friends with fellow Seven Souls band member, Bob Welch, who eventually left to join the rock band, Fleetwood Mac.

Around 1998, he returned to Phoenix and performed with many local bands including, Small Paul Hamilton, Big Pete Pearson and Hacksaw Brooks. Although, in recent years, he has been stricken with many physical ailments, which have caused the need for both legs to be amputated, he has continued to perform with his own band and play his great style of Blues music for his fans. Henry "Mojo" Thompson is a valued member of the Arizona Blues scene.

Henry Thompson passed away May 19, 2004.

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