Louisiana Red

Inducted in Sept. 2000

One-time Phoenix resident Iverson Minter (aka Louisiana Red) was a world renowned down home bluesman, famous for his intensely emotional performances.

His influences included John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins and Muddy Waters, all of whom he knew personally.

Red has been a prolific recording artist for the last five decades, making sides for Chess, Fire, Fury, Roulette, Atco, Blue Labor, JSP, L+R Records, and Earwig Music. His 1962 release of "Reds Dream" became a national hit with its comedic political theme.

During the early 1980's, Louisiana Red moved to Phoenix, Arizona, at the urging of his friend, Bob Corritore. Red played around town in the local blues clubs and festivals, and recorded the album "Sitting Here Wonderin", which years later came out on the Earwig label. It was nominated for the WC Handy Awards.

After living in Arizona, Red toured Europe which eventually led to his relocation to Germany. Though Red's time in Phoenix was short, Red continued to feel that Phoenix was his home and whenever he was in the States, he always found time to spend in Phoenix.

Iverson Minter passed away on February 25, 2012 in Germany; he was 79.

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