Marilyn Stringer

Marilyn Stringer is among the most prolific performance photographers currently documenting the blues. Although an avid
music fan all her life, she began covering the blues in earnest in 2004, and has since become the head photographer for some of
the most prominent blues festivals in America. Her work promotes the blues genre worldwide through various print and digital
magazines and social media, and is in high demand with promoters, agents, record labels, venues, and the performers she captures.

Marilyn estimates she has covered more than six thousand performances over the years through her extensive travels to festivals, events, and live music clubs. In addition, she has also published three photography books in her Blues In The 21st Century series. The proceeds from these works have been donated to various charities and organizations supporting the Blues and Blues artists. Volume I, Blues In The 21st Century “The Performers” explored the careers of more than one hundred performers with interviews and photos. Volume II, Blues In The 21st Century “Ten Years At The Portland Waterfront Blues Festival” covers a decade of coverage of the biggest festival west of the Mississippi and the proceeds are donated to the Cascade Blues Society and musician fund raisers in Portland, OR. Volume III, Blues In The 21st Century “A Decade At The Blues Music Awards”, was specifically put together during the pandemic shutdown to raise money for The Blues Foundation's COVID Relief Fund. The photo book covered the Blues Music Awards and performances and all related events in Memphis and Clarksdale during the BMA gatherings. She recently started her fourth book, Blues Souls, which will feature black & white photos of renowned blues performers. In keeping with her commitment to support the blues that she has demonstrated for years, the future proceeds of Blues Souls have been earmarked for The Blues Foundation's HART Fund (Handy Artists Relief Trust) which supports blues musicians when in need of medical, dental, living expenses, and funeral expenses.

Along with her books, Marilyn has worked closely for many years with The Blues Festival Guide, the annual publication that goes
out each spring worldwide listing blues festivals across the country. Her photos have appeared on six of the last seven covers of
that publication, along with inside photos. She also works closely with the Belgium print magazine, Back To The Roots, with
regular inside photos and has earned eight covers over the last six years. Other leading blues publications that rely on her talent
for covers and interior shots include Living Blues, Blues Music Magazine, and Blues Blast Magazine. She answers photo calls
weekly, if not daily, from the blues media, industry labels, agents, promoters, festivals, and most importantly from the
performers, providing them with the media needed to help further their careers.

When asked about her attitude toward her photography work, she says, "Photography has been my life-long passion. I have
always had a camera. In 2004, I switched from film to digital and discovered the excitement of capturing a musician’s passion
while they are playing. I was hooked! And everything is always changing – the lighting, the environment, and most of all the
performers’ emotion when they are in “the zone.” The highest compliment I can receive is when someone tells me ‘I can hear the
music when I look at your photos!’ So, If I am going to take all these photos, then I am going to share them with the world. Social
media has been a blessing to the blues community, especially during the pandemic. It was the only way we could stay connected
during those scary years. And it remains our way to stay connected. I want the blues to stay alive and keep the excitement for
these performers and venues going. I also do not just photograph the main person in the band; I make sure I get photos of all
the performers and post them. They are all important to me! Social media is such an important way to get these photos out in
the universe and I am happy to work directly with the festivals I cover on their FB pages. If we can keep the excitement and
interest alive through my photos, then I have succeeded in my passion. And I do have fun! The blues community is like no other –
we are a family!! The music and fans are the best! I love what I do!”

In 2023, Marilyn was honored with the Blue’s Foundation’s highest award given to non-performers – Keeping The Blues Alive
Award – aka “KBA” – for her decades of contributions to the blues community.

Although her primary focus these days is on blues performances – locally, nationally, and internationally – she can also be seen
photographing other events around AZ and in her home town of Tucson: her two dogs, the desert scenery, sunsets, flowers,
cactus, critters, parades, and cute dogs at “The Tucson Dog Magazine” events. She also loves to capture the natural beauty of AZ
& UT National parks and anything else that captures her overactive photographer’s eye on her travels. “Everything is always a
possible photo.” In the rest of her “free time” she is a self-employed accountant and computerized accounting systems
consultant/ trainer.