Marx Loeb

Playing since the mid-60s, Marx has drummed for some of Tucson’s finest groups–spanning a wide variety of genres–The Dusty Chaps, Los Lasers, Mondo Combo, Tony & the Torpedoes, Eyepennies, and The Mollys–to name a few. His first taste of the blues was with the “British Invasion” with bands like The Animals, The early Rolling Stones, and the Yardbirds. Loeb loved…and still loves…blues in all it’s different shades. He’s worked with local blues heavies such as Tom Walker, Rainer, Sam Taylor, Stefan George, Lisa Otey, and the Bad News Blues Band. He was an original member of L Mondo Combo–an incredible seminal Tucson blues band from the 80s. Loeb has performed and recorded with Tony & the Torpedoes, “Hurricane” Carla Brownlee and Grams & Krieger, among others in his 35 years of drumming. He’s backed up great players–Bo Diddley, Johnny Rawls, and Doug Kershaw. Marx has toured nationally and internationally with tex-mex/celtic roots band, The Mollys, considering touring in Italy “a life dream come true.” He considers himself, “a simple, groove drummer.” He’s been described as a “roots” drummer–a label he enjoys. Currently, Marx is working with Tony & The Torpedoes and The Carnivaleros.