Tommy Dukes Blues Band

Tommy Dukes was inducted into the ABHOF in 1997, though he was fronting for many Arizona blues players thirty years
prior to that. “Tommy Dukes and His Flames” and “Tommy Dukes and the Blue Bloods” eventually evolved into the
Tommy Dukes Blues Band. Notable ABHOF players such as Jimmy Mack, Jim Glass and Delmar Stewart have been past
members of the band. Tommy estimates that “many, many” Arizona blues musicians have held permanent playing
positions with him over the last sixty years. Tommy’s current band features three ABHOF musicians; Bob Blasi, Roger
Smith and Tom McMillian, each with at least 15 years of service with Tommy over the past 40 years. This ABHOF
nomination is a tip of the hat to both current and all previous Arizona bluemen/women that have helped make the Tommy
Dukes Blues Band one of the oldest blues projects in the state of Arizona.