Tommy Washington

Tommy Washington, a native of Phoenix has played the keyboards for 49 years, the keytar for 19 years, and also plays
bass, drums, clarinet, and the guitar. Washington has traveled all over the world, including festivals, and playing on cruise
ships. He has played with ABHOF members Big Pete Pearson, Small Paul, Lucius Parr, Tommy Dukes, Geo Bowman,
Maxine Johnson, Michael Reed, and numerous other Valley favorites including Dr. Fish, Paris James, Dianna Lee, Donnie
Dean, Larry Bailey, Kenny Brown, Anthony Kinchion, Robert Pig James, and more. A few of the bands he’s toured with
are; Frank Ace Blues Band, Michael Henderson, and Long John Hunter! He has recorded with Candice and Tracy
Mayfield, Lucius Parr, Frank Ace, and more. Tommy currently plays with his own band Omnipotent and fills in with the
best in town. A highly desirable keyboardist, Tommy can musically entertain all people.